Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Wait

I did it! I copied all the records I picked up from Dr. F's office and from the hospital. I completed the application form and composed a letter to Dr. M. My mom volunteered to pay the application fee, so all my ducks are in a happy little row, and I delivered the packet to Dr. M's office on Friday 1-8-10. The nurse, the same one at the informational seminar, was very enthusiastic about the journey, and said she'd get right on my application. She said it takes about three weeks for the insurance company to approve it. We'll do the upper GI/nutritionist consult first. (While we wait for approval.) No need to move forward if the anatomy of my stomach would prevent having the surgery. I've already had the sleep medicine studies, so the only thing left would be an appointment with Dr. M. and the psyche consult, which I'm supposed to schedule myself. I'll take care of that tomorrow when the office opens.

Then the only thing left to do is wait. She told me not to try and lose any weight just yet... wait until after the weigh-in at my first apt with Dr. M., and that will be my official start weight. Okay, so THAT's not a problem! I find myself thinking of all the things I won't be able to eat for a while (some probably never again), and I'm making sure to get my fill of some of my favorites. I'm going out of town in a few days for our annual scrapbook retreat up in Highlands, and that trip always includes consuming huge amounts of food, so I plan to enjoy the heck out of that! I'm anxious to get the word that all is a go, but I hope I don't run out of time to enjoy some of my favorite foods before the cutoff date. But, even if they called me tomorrow and told me to go ahead and get started on the two-week preop liquid diet, that would be okay too. It won't happen, but, I'm just sayin'.... I'm ready to get the journey started. I know I won't be able to eat large volumes of food ever again, (which is a GREAT THING!), and that most of the foods I love I'll be able to enjoy in very small quantities. And I'm so willing and excited for that to be a reality. I can't wait to feel better, to come off some medications, to have more physical stamina, and the brighter hope of enjoying watching my grandchildren grow up. Yay! The Wait Has Begun!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


You've heard the expression "getting my ducks in a row"? Well, that's the process I'm going through right now. Here's what I've done so far:

1. Talked to mom. She is UBER supportive!!! Yay!!
2. Attended informational seminar. Positive experience.
3. Attended post-op support group. Very positive experience.
4. Joined on-line group called Excellent resource!
5. Requested and received copies of the last 3 years' worth of PCP office notes.
6. Requested and received copies of pertinent hospital reports.
7. Visited PCP who is on board and willing to make referral.

Here's what's next:

~Fill out the application form.
~Deliver application form, letter, and medical records to Dr. Mejias.

If approved, then before surgery, I'll undergo the following:

~Upper GI series to confirm position and anatomy of my stomach.
~Psychiatric consultation (routine requirement for bariatric surgery).
~Nutritionist consultation for pre and postop dietary requirements.

It is a very exciting, though somewhat scary process. Is it even imaginable to think that this time next year I will be wearing normal-people-sized clothing, instead of clothing with multiple Xs on the tags? It is fathomable to think that I'll be able to see my feet again? Or paint my toenails without all manner of body contortion involvement? To be able to walk a flight of stairs without becoming winded? Not worry about whether I'll fit in the airplane seat, or rides at the amusement park?

Oh happy days!! I can't believe how excited and supportive my mom and Aunt Peggy and Aunt Joyce are about it. That is so encouraging and helpful. Now if I can just be patient with the waiting. That will be hard. But, the speed with which time passes these days will make it go by pretty fast, I imagine. I'll try to keep posting here as developments unfold. Wish me luck! Quack! Quack!