Saturday, July 9, 2011

3 and 4 in the bag!

So much for my good intentions of posting every day!  It has been a busy few days, to say the least.  Another perfect, on-program day for day number 3.  Day number 4 was a bit challenging, but not so bad compared to the days leading up to the program.  Yesterday (Friday, day 4) I continued a yearly tradition.  Scrapbook Expo with my scrappin' peeps.  SB Expo is a fabulous smorgasbord of SB products, demonstrations, make-n-takes, and girlfriend bonding time.  Several years ago we grew tired of spending a fortune for a piddly little lunch, and started brown-bagging it.  So it wasn't difficult for me to pack my protein bars and a few little 100-calorie snack bags for the trip.  I thought I would be strong enough to forego the Dariy Queen breakfast biscuit on the way up, but alas, I succumbed to the temptation and did eat a tenderloin biscuit.  I am quite certain that I did enough walking and weight training (translated... hauling my loot around all day) to help with some of those nasty calories.  My brown-bag lunch protein bar was delightfully satisfying. A salad for dinner, plus one more 100-calorie pack rounded out the day.  Not the best day, but it certainly could have been worse.  I declined an invitation for pizza with friends for dinner.  That was pretty huge. 

My hospital has an excellent Wellness Center, and after my surgery, I signed up for membership.  Knowing that (post lap band surgery) rapid weight loss would leave me with lots of loose skin, I wanted to try weight training to hopefully minimize that as much as possible.  Once I lost my band, I kind of lost my oomph about the whole process, and simply stopped going.  The hubs and I talked about going together, but our schedules aren't really conducive to making that a likely occurrence.  This week I notified the coordinator, and have canceled the membership.  As noted in a previous post, we're going to put a couple of pieces of gym equipment in the dining room, and yesterday he picked up our first piece:  a multifunctional bench.  We looked at several, and decided on the one with the adjustable back.  I tried doing a sit-up from a totally-reclined position.  It wasn't pretty.  I failed miserably.  With the back support raised to even a 45 degree angle, I was able to do a few.  So that will be my starting point.  The box shows several routines using different back-positions and weights, so my next purchase will be a few weights.  Pink ones, of course.  We also looked at another multi-function piece with lots of cables and pulleys and complicated-looking things, and had planned to purchase that as well.  When the hubs went to pick it up, in just a week since we had looked at it, the floor model was broken, so we're thinking this piece might not be such a good value.  So this week, instead of the bigger piece of gym equipment, we're getting a gas grill.  We've been using charcoal, and like the taste of food cooked over charcoal, but there's just no flexibility or control.  We are serious about our eating choices, and the gas grill will enable us to "cook out" more often.  I'm excited!!! 

We're not giving up on the gym equipment, but may turn our thinking more to an elliptical machine rather than the multi-functional weight machine.  At any rate, we are moving right along, getting ready to enter week 2 of P365. 

How is everyone else doing?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 2

I'm going to try to at least post a Progress Note (can you tell my profession?) each day, even when there's no time to write more.  Day 1, yesterday, was hugely successful.  I weighed in yesterday morning for the official start weight.  Finally found my evil measuring tape last night and took all my measurements.  I found the post from 14 months ago where I had measured myself right before surgery, so I'm using those measurements as my starting point.  Because it's a journey that began in May of last year.  Besides, it helps me feel a little less defeated when I see that even though I have gained 30 lbs since my band removal, my measurements (from 21 different places on my body) are still anywhere from 1.25" to 2" smaller than they were in May of last year.  Yay!  That's something!!  I ate well within the range of my expectations, at only 1010 calories for the day.  That included eating dinner at Picadilly, where I enjoyed a small chopped steak, green beans, and broccoli.  Dottie's website calculates my dinner at around 650 calories, and the protein bars I had for breakfast and lunch totaled 360 calories. Only a tiny bit of walking at the mall yesterday, but it was pretty much a nonstop day otherwise.

Those evil hunger monsters will use any old excuse to try to attack me.  I got really upset about the Casey Anthony verdict... and while I felt like I wanted to vomit, I could hear the monsters whispering in my ear to comfort myself with food.  I felt like gnawing the arms off my chair.  Victory over temptation was mine, though, and I made it through Day 1 unscathed. 

Steve had a great day too, and probably sweated off more pounds than I will lose all week.  Man, it's hot outside!!!  Tonight I'm chasing him down with the evil tape measure to get baseline measurements for his chart. 

Both our goals are to lose 30 lb before we go back to the beach in October.  If he loses it (which I know the dirty dog will... he loses so quickly!) then I have agreed to renting a catamaran with him as captain, and going out into the ocean.  All the while, trying to get that Gilligan's Island theme song out of my head...

If I do it (which I know I can..) he said he would go parasailing with me.  I might chicken out my ownself on that one.  Not so much from being up in the air, but from having to be in the ocean on take-off and landing.  I'm not much for sea creatures.  bleh.  But it is a huge thing that he said he would do it with me.  :-)  That's my man!!  (But I'll probably think of another way to reward myself.)

So far Day 2 has gone well.  Keeping the hunger monster at bay, eating according to plan.  But I know he is hiding in the closet threatening to come out before bedtime. Bastard.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Blogging on the run today.  Just want to make it "official" by stating that my wonderful husband approached me just prior to vacation stating that he is ready to commit to healthy living.  YAY!! 

Since having my band removed, I have gained 30 of the 50 lbs that I lost.  The one-year anniversary of my band removal is July 7th.  30 lbs in one year.  Wow.  I have made half-hearted attempts at losing the weight, but lacked the committment to see it through.  While I can't blame my lack of success on The Hubs, it has been really difficult since we began dating.  He is a construction worker.  A real manly man.  He needs lots of fuel to keep up that kind of work.  Not as much as he was consuming, mind you, but he does need more calories than me.  He is approximately 90 lbs overweight, (same as me) and now readily admits that he is addicted to food.  It was difficult for me to make good choices, because he is pretty much the cook at our house.  Most every evening he cooks up a delightful meal (traditional southern style, i.e. frying foods, lots of starchy stuff... the kind of foods that make my mouth water and sends my willpower out the back door).  We have sat around the dinner table for months now, talking about how we know that we need to do this.  But there was never any real committment.  Imagine my surprise and DELIGHT when he approached me and proclaimed his committment.  No, it's not fair to pin my lack of success on him, but as any of you know, it is way, WAY better to have the support of the people who sit with you around the dinner table.  Hubs lost a brother in his 40s to sudden cardiac death.  His mother is diabetic.  Two sisters are overweight.  (Kudos to Jenny, who is working the WW program and has lost around 50 lbs!!!)

Hubs is currently taking medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.  Even if he doesn't succumb to a premature obesity-related death, the road to his future is paved with a dialysis machine, at the very least.  I also have diabetes (of which I continue my head-in-the-sand denial).  My family history includes heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.  The two of us are an insurance company's nightmare. 

We have three children and seven grandchildren between us, who are the lights of our lives.  There is so much to live for.  And we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if we continue to ignore the signals our bodies are sending us, that we will not live long, and the quality of our lives will be dictated by the results of our poor eating habits and lack of exercise. 

Yesterday, while I was working, he took the pup out for a walk to get jump started on the activity thing.  It is so incredibly hot where we live.  The poor pooch got terribly overheated and collapsed, and Hubs had to carry him home.  It was really scary, and I was Googling "canine heat stroke" (which is NOT pretty!).  Thankfully the pup recovered quickly. (He's really not a pup, but rather an aging Cairn terrier... I just call him "pup".) I work indoors and am not conditioned at all to the heat.  Hubs works outside, and is more conditioned to it, but the summer days in Georgia are brutal, and even someone accustomed to working outdoors can get overheated in a hurry.  As a result, we're going to purchase a couple of (small) peices of gym equipment for indoor use. When we got married and I moved here, I left my treadmill at my other home, so I'm going to bring it over here as well.  Hopefully by the end of the hottest part of summer, our numbers will be down, and our bodies will be better able to tolerate power walking outside. 

I have another private blog, called Journey To Forever, in which I have written about our chance reconnection after 40 years, the beginning of our love story, and a few special memories.  Today, our Forever looks a lot brighter.  The Journey will be challenging during P365, but a longer and healthier Forever will be worth every minute of it. 

Today begins a new leg of our Journey. We just returned from our vacation (belated honeymoon), during which we talked a lot about P365, and set our goals. This morning we charted our Start Weight. Tonight we will take measurements (horrors!!) and compare notes on our first day. We have drawn the line in the sand, and hammered the stake into the ground. This is it. We have no choice. The very best part, though, is that we are excited about it, and we have a plan. And we are doing it together. This morning before leaving for work, Hubs looked at me and said: "We are doing this. I am doing this for my health, for my mother, for my children, for my grandchildren, and for you."

Let the journey begin!!