Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Should Have

Just ate the damn Girl Scout cookies anyway. I was so excited that I was able to shove the stupid dinky little plastic tray back inside the box, shut the darn thing up and cover it with some paper towels. I didn't even lick my fingers to savor the microscopic shavings of chocolate. No. I wiped them on the paper towels. 
All day my butt, my legs and my arms have hurt. I had to take drugs during the night because my legs ache so badly. I have never before been able to say that "I walked 10 miles in four days". But today I could say that. (And I said it quite often, thank you very much, both to myself and anyone else who would listen.)
I didn't really feel like I lost a ton of weight this week. I stayed the same last week. I was kinda sort okay with that, because I hadn't been tracking 100%, but it still pissed me off. 
I did 80% better with tracking this week. Okay, so I blew it over the weekend. But... hey. I walked ten frickin' miles in four days this week!! And was perfectly OP beginning Sunday afternoon. 

And I seriously gained 0.6 lb this week. Come on. What's up with that? Yeah, yeah, I know the answer "my muscles [oh my aching muscles!!] are retaining fluid from being worked [abused!!!] from walking ten miles in the past four days". 

ummm hmmmm. If I had known for sure that I wasn't going to show a loss, I'd have ate the stupid cookies. And the Hershey Kisses. And the Mexican take-out.

No, not really. I'm just kidding. [I think...]

Well, if nothing else, I'm good and pissed off about it now, and I'm determined to show that Satan of a scale that I'm in control. I'm gonna do my very best to be 100% OP the entire week. Yes, I'm planning to walk another 10-12 miles this week too. And if I gain weight again, I swear to all that is good in this world, I will throw my treadmill in the river, burn my tennis shoes, and use my DVDs for skeet targets. 

But that won't happen again... will it?

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